Issues That Matter To You

Crime & Justice

There is no substitute for the Police and bringing criminals to justice. The ‘Defund the Police’ movement has been a disaster. Crime affects the safety and well-being of every community. Citizens from across the political spectrum recognize the pressing need to address this issue together. The FBI says overall crime is down, but certain types of criminal activities like aggravated assault, auto theft and homicide are rising quickly, posing significant challenges to our ability to feel safe in our own communities. Americans are being told to ignore what they know is to be true, crime is a problem. However, by working collaboratively, we can implement common sense best practice solutions to ensure the safety of our citizens. Americans have paid the price in so many ways while partisan politicians squander opportunities and money. It’s time to send Jason Anderson to Washington DC to fix this problem and get our police back on track locally to keep you safe.


Every child deserves a quality education that prepares them for a prosperous future. Irresponsible spending and lack of accountability in public schools has a direct negative impact on the quality of education provided. Children are complex individuals that have complex and individual needs. Central planning leads to outdated facilities, large class sizes, limited access to modern resources, and a lack of well-trained teachers. This deeply affects the educational experience and hinders student achievement. Jason Anderson will work to bring parents School Choice while driving public education to higher levels of accountability and excellence.


Most Americans agree that the United States is headed in the wrong direction.  Our economy is the largest one in the world and the ability to produce wealth is being hindered by laws that discourage small investment business from entering the marketplace. American business needs a level playing field to keep bad actors in check and still allow ‘Mom and Pop’ businesses to flourish. The legal landscapes that are designed to protect large and well established business challenge even the most business savvy investors. The growing wealth gap is threatening our social fabric and hindering upward mobility for hardworking families. To tackle this issue, I propose a combination of policies such as options to the minimum wage allowing young and inexperienced workers to enter the work forces and the opportunity to gain valuable experience.  Supporting educational and job training programs to equip individuals with the basic skills needed to advance to skilled and high-demand industries. Regulatory relief for small businesses to give them the ability to hire a flexible workforce needed to compete in today’s global economy.


We must secure the border NOW! National security concerns must be addressed and neutralized immediately. President Trump was incredibly effective in using the tools available to him to make the southern border one of the most secure in American History. The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world. We know the need for immigration reform has never been greater and with the Biden administrations open border policy mass deportation of immigrants will be the fault of those who were complicit in encouraging people to break the law. The first act of a new citizen cannot be to illegally enter the country they wish to be part of. Many of the people crossing our southern border are just looking for an opportunity to have a better life. The break the law and well fix it later policy will cause a tremendous strain on our police and justice system who will oversee sorting out this mess. This is not fair to those who chose to immigrate legally and will now possibly have to wait years due to an unfair and unwise policy. Jason Anderson is committed to policy that improves immigration through thoughtful and wise legislation without jeopardizing the safety of American citizens. It’s just common sense.


It is clear. America needs a Medical Bill of Rights. We need guardrails against the government requiring or preventing any medical service or procedure. COVID was a stark realization of the tyranny that can come from a government that seeks to control the individual through the idea of public health. COVID-19 was the virus, Fear was the pandemic. Considering the poor decisions made during a global crisis at the highest levels of formerly trusted institutions, we must regain trust by decreasing the power and increasing accountability of these high-level government agencies. Politics cannot be the deciding factor in the health of Americans. Every individual has the right to determine their own health needs and to pursue the treatment they see fit. Jason Anderson is ready for the fight to return healthcare to individuals and doctors while protecting the industry from unsafe practices and scam artists.

Election Integrity

In Person, Same Day Voting. Valid ID. Paper Ballots. This method gives every voter the assurance that our elections are open, transparent, and secure. It is necessary to preserve the peaceful transfer of power and keep our republic strong. The 2016 and 2020 elections showed that our elections are far from secure. Democrats cried foul in 2016 and Republicans are still finding massive irregularities that happened nationwide in 2020 and 2022. I will do everything I can to restore elections to the people and decentralize every aspect so that the people can be confident in an open and transparent election. The ballot is secret; therefore the process cannot be.


America has some of the richest natural resources on the planet. We cannot innovate and improve without cheap abundant energy. There is a natural progression towards clean and efficient energy sources, but many have decided to use coercion instead of convincing. Americans have been able to improve many of the processes used in hydrocarbon-based energy production to some of the cleanest levels of any nation. We need to consider the strain on our economy as we move to include other forms of energy production such as nuclear, wind, solar, geo-thermal, hydro-electric and others. These choices should be made by the communities that are affected by them. Energy is something that should improve lives do not hinder them. No one should suffer economic hardship over government mandates requiring Net Zero emissions without regard to those industries struggling to keep up with impossible arbitrary mandates. Zero emissions are a goal we all want to see someday and weather you believe human activity is causing the climate to change or not, we can get there together, and we don’t have to hurt one another to do it.

Right to Bear Arms

U.S. Constitution – 2nd Amendment; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The 2nd Amendment is clear and my trust lies in the people of this great nation. I truly believe that the people are more capable to determine the needs for their individual safety than a government. Governments historically have been proven to be more concerned with their own security.

Parents Rights

Our Children are our most important legacy. We need to pass a Parent’s Bill of Rights to protect parents and children from government overreach.