for US Congress District 19


We Are Endorsing Jason for Congress!

Carina Asi

Elda Baker

Mike Barba

Ron Blackwood

Stanford A. Brown

Peter J. Bryne

Brenda Carlson

Margaret C. Carman MD.

Bruce Dixon

Leslie Donahue

Carol A Donati-Prebor – School Teacher

Linda L. Donnelly

Allen Duckworth

Janis Finwall

Hazel E. Forrest

Sue E. Anderson

Melinda L. Rice – Retired Flight Attendant.

Keith Montague

Debra A. Frye

Sandra Ansley


Erik Gorham – Small Business Owner

Jennifer Grinager

Dan Hathaway – Retired DCNPP Security

Susan M. Anderson – Retired Retail Sales

Bruce Jones – Retired Surgeon

Mary Jordan

Randall Jordan – RPSLO Regional Chair

Valerie Kelly

Gary R Kirkland – Retired Educator

Stephan Know

Leona Kriegh

Dan Kummet

Kathryn Anderson

Barbara Lindstrom

John R. Lindstrom

Vivian Lutz

LeeAnn Maramonte 

Lupe McClellan

Victoria Brooks

 Dr. Bob McLaughlin – Retired Educator

Ronda L. O’Brien

John Ostini

Lori Pratt

Richard Pratt

Linda M. Quinian

Donny Seitz

Anna Stegall

Sandra S. Triggs

Willis Frank Triggs

Edward A. Veek

Marian Jones – Retired Bookkeeper

Charla Zukowski

Jeffrey Zukowski

Kimberly Anderson – Student

Sherry Nelson

William Dillender

Bill Manion

Joshua Knorr

Roberto Martinez


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