for US Congress District 19

Help Is On The Way

I’m here to ensure opportunities for all people of this great nation.

Having been born and growing up in Southern California then moving to the Central Coast over 25 years ago, I understand what Californians are all about. Fresh air, clean water, spectacular landscapes and cities, and a way of life that no other place on earth can offer. I have been involved in small business since I was 11 years old tossing newspapers and collecting revenues. I am so proud to be a part of this nation that offers opportunity for all people to succeed. Unfortunately, we have seen an incredible decline and a division that threatens to replace opportunities with oppression. Our common values offer unity, peace, freedom and prosperity as long as we can properly utilize government for the benefit of all. Our representatives have lost the common sense approach to legislation and have become eager to bargain away billions of dollars to wasteful programs. Crime, homelessness, endless war, and environmental disasters are the result.

Now, I am eager to get to work and bring back the money and resources to restore law and order, local control to our parks and beaches, common sense safety laws, opportunity for everyone to get the basic needs of food, shelter, medicine, clean water, air, and a sound education. This is where prosperity begins.

I have faith in the American people to hear through the static and once again have civility and respect seated in the people’s house.

If given the honor to represent you, I will tirelessly fight,


  • to bring back the spirit of self-governance that has been lost to a bloated government eager to promote entitlements and a false sense of security in exchange for individual freedom,
  • to end the barrage of red tape and economy destroying over regulation,
  • to restore law and order by subpoenaing and exposing biased DA’s, judges and prosecutors who are abusing the justice system for political gain,
  • to roll back special interest laws that carve out protections for large corporations and hurt small businesses,
  • to open the energy sector by reducing redundancy burdens in regulation and arbitrary laws of political favoritism,
  • to work for a medical bill of rights so citizens never have to worry about the overreach we saw under COVID-19,
  • to secure our elections and ensure that any fraud or tampering will be prosecuted with the greatest of severity,
  • to protect parents’ rights as the primary guardian of their child’s wellbeing,
  • and to listen to the constituency with an open heart and mind and the intent to serve everyone with equal honor.

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